Modern City and Regional Marketing

Your mapping solution for citizens, tourists, administration and economy


At home on a computer or on the move on a smartphone or tablet, with the easyXplore mapping application your data becomes publicly accessible to tourists, investors and residents.


With easyXplore information becomes easily accessible: the visualization of your data is grouped into thematic categories, tailored to specific target audiences or subject areas.


To increase user-friendliness easyXplore does without complicated menus and provides users with an overview of the available data. All functions are easily accessible via the navigation bar.

Features & Functionality

  • Category Search
  • Opening Times Search
  • Routing
  • Responsive Design
  • Data Import via Admin Interface
  • Data Import via QGIS
  • Connection to Social Media
  • Different Basemaps
  • Including your own WMS
  • Data Download

Areas of Application

Your city as an economic hub

Über Daten wie Gewerbeflächen- und Leerstandskataster wird easyXplore zur wichtigen Stütze für das Standortmarketing.

A destination for tourists

easyXplore's mobile app transfers a knowledgeable tourist guide to every visitor's own pocket, helping them to discover the city at their own pace.

A place for living, shopping and culture

Present anything your place has to offer and boost retail and interest in cultural institutions by providing even residents from your region with a fresh pair of eyes.

QGIS Integration

easyXpore can be easily managed with QGIS. We have developed a plugin that connects to your easyXplore database. It only takes a few clicks to upload tabular data in CSV format or geometries (point, line, polygon) in Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML, and GPX formats.

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